In Melitopol looking for a Deputy, which does not appear in a sessional hall have more than 2 years

В Мелитополе ищут депутата, которая не появлялась в сессионном зале уже больше 2 лет

On the closest session of the city Council Melitopol, the deputies want to make changes to the structure of the constant Deputy Commission on questions housing and communal services. In this trump the Commission in the beginning of the term wanted to get a lot of choices.

Want to include MP from the opposition bloc – ally Yevhen Balytsky faction Elena Troshin.

The Commission includes not only housing, but also business and industry.

By the way, Elena Jonova colleagues not seen in the courtroom for 2 and a half years After a series of arson family pharmacy and attempting to set fire to her private house, the mandate of Elena Jonova did not lay down, but from the performance of his duties tacitly disown. As it is now is intended, can only be judged according to its Declaration.

Elena Troshina now unemployed. She lives, apparently, on savings.

Would that make you enable to the Commission to work Elena Jonova her colleagues, no doubt. Cadence is coming to an end, the election for 25 Oct. Voters should think, whom you elected to the city Council. Will your candidates to slump as Elena Jonova, or to defend your interests.