In Melitopol on the cameras, the police identified the drivers who ruined the layout

В Мелитополе по видеокамерам полиция установила водителей, испортивших разметку

Employees of the city police Department managed by outdoor surveillance cameras, to identify the owners of cars that ruined the work of public utilities, causing damage to the community in excess of 2 thousand hryvnias.

Recall that it was may 6th. Workers of KP Purity inflicted markings cold plastic on the road section of street of Heroes of Ukraine from the Park to the junction with St. B. Khmelnitsky. As you know, this type of work requires compliance with special temperature regime. At night the cold plastic while it is impossible to put. It just does not dry. The work was carried out in the daytime, the utility outlined the points in the signal chips and road signs. However, this did not prevent avtohlam to ride on freshly applied marking and to smear it all over the road. One of Avtonomov on a silver Audi with Euronorm workers even captured on camera phone. The number of the bus, moving after him, remember. All the data was handed over to the police.

In city Department reviewed the security tapes videonabljudenija and found that the first markup rode two men, the driver on the Audi Q7 and the lady in the range Rover. But euroblogger and minibuses were the following. The first two offenders already tracked down and warned about the responsibility. The exact amount of damage that was inflicted to the bulk of 2,3 thousand UAH.

On the utility asked only one driver of the Audi, a lady in a range Rover has not yet announced. Official comments the police promised to give on Friday. Will reimburse if autogamy loss to the community we will inform you additionally.