In Melitopol organized 20 Christmas markets (list of addresses)

В Мелитополе организуют 20 елочных рынков (список адресов)

In Melitopol Executive Committee members on Thursday approved a list of addresses in the city to work Christmas markets. In addition, the entrepreneurs must have all the documents for the green stuff, they also need to include the surrounding area clean and remove the garbage, or to contract with any company that will do it for them, but according to the rate.

Addresses of fur-tree markets are as follows:

St. Belyakova (final bus stop);

crossroads PR.. B. Khmelnitsky and St. Belyakova (the area opposite the service station)

Avenue B. Khmelnitsky, 55 (along the house on the internal territory)

Avenue B. Khmelnitsky, 89;

prosp 50-letiya Pobedy, 17/1 (the area in front of the store “Products”);

prosp 50-letiya Pobedy, 26;

prosp 50-letiya Pobedy, 36/1 (Parking space between the houses No36/1 No36/2);

prosp 50-letiya Pobedy, 38;

prosp 50-letiya Pobedy, 51;

Kazartseva street, 4 (near car wash)

b-R 30 years of Victory, 19 (a Parking space along the street Kazarceva)

St. Yaroslav the Wise, 15;

grizodubovoy str., 66;

St. Peter Doroshenko (the area between the cafe “Trali-Vali” and the house on St. Yaroslav the Wise, 6);

Gvardeyskaya St. (the area between the houses No1 and No4 next to the store “Polyana”);

Gvardeyskaya St. (near market);

St. Gagarin, 7A (the area of “Scorpion” and store “House furniture “)

building Intercultural, 141B (excluding trade with motor vehicles);

building Intercultural, and 414 (near the shop)

Raisy Okipnoy St., 20/1 (near DC “October”).

Compared to last year, recall, the price of Christmas trees grown in “Melitopol lesookhotnichye economy” grew by 20 % and depend on the size of the trunk. For example, pine from 1 to 1.5 meters will cost 120 UAH, from 1.5 to 2 meters 190, and the tree from 2 to 2.5 metres will sell for 240 UAH. Pine height more than 3 meters “tightened” by 1 thousand.

For comparison, a four-foot artificial tree stands 1500 thousand UAH.