In Melitopol schizophrenic tried to kill his brother with a frying pan

В Мелитополе шизофреник пытался убить брата сковородой

Man forcibly hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital.

In Melitopol city court received a petition of the chief doctor of the psychiatric hospital about the authorization for involuntary treatment of young men.

June 11 team specialized ambulance, accompanied by his father, to the institution was delivered a patient with signs of acute illness. From 2005 he is under the supervision of a psychiatrist about paranoid schizophrenia. Repeatedly treated in a psychiatric men’s ward, the last time 08.04.2020 to 12.05.2020.

According to the father of men, after discharge within a week the patient’s condition remained satisfactory. Later he stopped receiving maintenance therapy during the last two weeks has changed in behavior, become irritable, stop sleeping at night, unreasonably conflict with family abused animals

In the future began to blame the parents that they take money from him and “ruined life”. June 11 was extremely aggressive, beat his older brother, tried to hit him with a frying pan, threatened with physical violence parents.

Was caused by the police and a team of specialized emergency care. The patient was examined by a Commission of doctors, which came to the conclusion that he needs immediate hospitalization and further treatment. In connection with a mental disorder, the patient shows a real intention to commit acts of immediate danger to others.

The court, having examined the case file, considered the arguments convincing physicians and allowed involuntary hospitalization of the patient.