In Melitopol teachers and teachers getting a raise

В Мелитополе воспитателям и педагогам повысят зарплату

From 1 April teachers of preschool and extracurricular educational establishments of Melitopol to increase salary by 10%.

Recall that in 2018 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a decision to increase the salaries of salaries for teachers funded by educational subventions from the state budget.

As reported by the Melitopol Deputy mayor Svetlana Boyko, unfortunately, the above decision did not concern pedagogical workers of preschool and school educational institutions.

Recently the name of the mayor was a written appeal from the head of the trade Union of education Tatiana, Manenko with a request to solve the issue, since at the state level it is not solved, – said during the meeting at the Department of education the Deputy mayor Svetlana Boiko.

Melitopol city head Sergey Minko instructed the Department of education and financial management to study the issue of increasing the salaries of workers of preschool and school educational institutions. Following the meeting, it was agreed from 1 April to increase wages for these categories are education at 10%. For this purpose from the city budget will spend about 4 million UAH. said Svetlana Boiko.