In Melitopol the ambulance refused to leave the child with a high temperature

В Мелитополе скорая помощь отказалась выезжать к ребенку с высокой температурой

Such a complaint to the Deputy of city Council Valery Mishchenko asked one of the residents of Melitopol during a meeting with the Deputy. As questions to physicians from residents subordinated Valery Mishchenko County a lot, he is invited to meet the head of the city Department of health Larissa Saprykin.

Residents of the district was interested in whether the reform of the service “first aid” and gave the example of when doctors refused to go out on a call to the child.

The child 13 years of night stood a terrible temperature. Called an ambulance, and they say that they do not go to such challenges. And advised to wait for the pediatrician until morning. It added that if she will not be at the reception people, it will come to our house, and if it is busy, you can receive advice over the phone, – said the grandmother of 13-year-old granddaughter.

The chief of city Department of health Larisa Saprykin noted that the ambulance service is not subject to the city.

Is the division of medicine of regional subordination. They work today as usual. On the temperature of 39.6-to-child they have to leave. If you have any problems, I suggest you contact the Department of health – recommended Larissa and Saprykina added that the reform of the service “emergency” in the Zaporozhye region will start from 2020.

Previously, we reported that the reform of emergency medical care in Ukraine will start in the pilot regions. Zaporizhia oblast is not included into number of pilot regions, where the ambulance parts for emergency (urgent hospitalization) and emergency (in humans, exacerbation of chronic disease, high temperature and pressure). A team of emergency aid can arrive in 2-3 hours, and emergency – 10-20 minutes after the call. In Melitopol until the ambulance works in the same mode.

Schedule of reception of citizens in the Zaporozhye regional Department of health, where they can direct their complaint, see the link.