In Melitopol the doctor for two age of patients matchmaker became

В Мелитополе врач для двух возрастных пациентов свахой стала

RIA Melitopol on the eve of the Day of the doctor continues the series about the young Melitopol doctors. Julia malai is a family physician. She has been practicing for four years and said the choice of a profession owes to the grandmother. It is very believed that the granddaughter become a doctor but due to a serious illness he left this life. It was then that Julia decided to extend the lives of others. And today she did it, more than that – a young doctor even ties of fate!

Patients she has worked with a Malay family doctor clinic of General practice No. 2 lot (1920 at a rate of 1800), and often it’s families. Doctor is convinced that the family doctor is obliged to know the medical history of each family member and have to it an individual approach.

Julia admits to study in Zaporizhzhya medical school it became easier only in the fourth year when the students began practice at clinical sites. Here students fainted in the morgue at childbirth. But Yulia still can not forget the seemingly trivial, but very bloody surgery to replace her nasal septum.

There are curious cases in the practice of a young doctor. For example, patients can call our heroine at five in the morning to book an appointment or to report any change in the condition of the middle of the night. Especially there were many such cases during the quarantine due to the coronavirus. Unfortunately, due to remote operation in this period increased the number of heart attacks and strokes.

The young doctor recalls how she was often summoned to the house of a lonely 90-year-old grandfather. Over time, Julia realized that he just didn’t have someone to talk to, and was introduced to one of his patients. This pair to this day very happy together. Of course, there are sad cases: come bad test or a disappointing diagnosis of the patient. Julia says that the main thing in this situation is to solve the problem with this approach is that there are no hopeless situations. Helps youth – girl hot enough not to give up, and experienced colleagues suggest the right solution.

Future doctors Julia Malay advises to go into the profession only at the call of the soul, and the patients wishes a positive attitude – with any of the disease is not terrible.

To be continued…