In Melitopol, the inspectors identified the personality of the layer of advertising, to cover the Executive Committee

В Мелитополе инспекторы установили личность расклейщика рекламы, прикрывающегося исполкомом

In Melitopol the inspectors of the Department of urban ecology Executive Committee organized a “hunt” on the layer of advertising the reception of the hair, which was covered by the Executive Committee.

We will remind, on January 14, two young men hung around the neighborhood declare the readiness to take a hair expensive.

On the remark of the journalist that ads can be placed solely on special boards or tables, otherwise, it is an administrative offense and is punishable by a fine, the businessmen said that the head of their firm has already agreed with the Department of public works and environmental Executive Committee.

– We have already paid the fine. With our Department of public works Director agreed that these ads can hang, for example, to the 15th, and then they will be removed. The penalty is already paid, so then explained his understanding of the negotiations one of the advertising managers with a bottle of glue and a stack of ads in his hands.

Head of Department of an accomplishment and ecology of Executive Committee Alexey Gromyko version of the advertising sticker was called a liar and promised to look for resourceful entrepreneurs.

Themselves sticker advertising the inspectors did not find. But the day of reception of the hair, January 25, they arrived at the address and issued against the businessman, the Protocol on administrative violation. He faces a fine in the amount of UAH 1360. However, it is unlikely that the offender will suffer financial losses.

As explained by the inspector of Department Maxim Galutsky, the owner was not local. It is registered in Donetsk region. Thus, the Protocol was sent at the place of residence of non-resident businessman, a business of women’s hair and polluting the streets of Melitopol. Will adminkomissiya in the Donetsk region to review the Protocol, the big question.

By the way, according to the inspector of the Department of urban ecology Executive Committee, the majority of sticker advertising in the city – not local people from Zaporizhia or Donetsk region. So to punish them with a fine difficult.