In Melitopol the killer brutally murdered with his sheltered woman

В Мелитополе убийца жестоко расправился с приютившей его женщиной

The criminal stabbed the pensioner stole money and tried to leave the city.

A terrible crime occurred in Odessa in December 2013. In a private house on the street Henichesk ran a frightened man and asked him to call the police, saying that the lodger killed his mother, and he miraculously managed to escape.

Law enforcement officers arrived fifteen minutes later and found the house terrible picture. On the floor in a pool of blood lay an elderly woman with no signs of life, everything in the house was turned upside down.

The owner’s son told me that the day before they came to the house of a stranger, who came from Donetsk and did not know where to stay. That day came the postman, which brought him a pension and mothers what their guest was aware.

In the evening they drank alcohol, on which the money was given to his mother. Then he left the room, and pounced on a woman with a knife.

Hearing the screams, the man ran into the room and saw that the guest was pulled out of his robe pocket for his mother’s money, and then demanded to show where are the rest.

The killer then began to rummage in the cupboards, and the man jumped through the window and ran to the neighbors.

Operatives on the same day the suspect was detained at the railway station. If he had a mobile phone of the deceased, the money and a train ticket. After a few hours he was going to leave the Crimea.

The offender was detained and placed into custody. In fact the incident initiated a criminal case under article 115 UK of Ukraine (premeditated murder).

Recently Melitopol city district court concluded the case and rendered a verdict.

At the hearing the accused denied his guilt. arguing that the pensioner has killed her son. Home to victim, he fell accidentally. While in the evening near the shop “Grub” on the southern outskirts of the city, he noticed a drunk man lying on the sidewalk.

Fearing that he cold, he found in his pocket a receipt, which determined the place of residence of the drunk and took him home.

There he asked the lady of the house, which was the mother given them by men, to stay the night. The woman agreed. The next day, he bought food, cooked food and went to the station, where he was detained by police officers.

Despite denials, the involvement of the defendant to the murder was completely proved.

Although at the time of consideration of the case the dead woman’s son had died, he had time to give evidences to militiamen. Found out the killer and the neighbors of the pensioner. In addition, his clothes had traces of blood killed.

After reviewing all evidence and hearing witnesses. the court has appointed to the murderer punishment in the form of 13 years of imprisonment. However, he soon may be released, as a preliminary conclusion will be taken into account in the so-called law Savchenko is based day two.