In Melitopol there lives the girl-a riddle

В Мелитополе живет девочка-загадка

In Melitopol is a third grader with a disability has surprised even professors from Kharkov for their ability to resist diseases.

Eva Fedorenko, except in school time to do it in sections acrobatics, gymnastics, circus Studio, to dance in the children’s choreographic collective.

Petite and blond, “a reed in the wind” so hell-bent on looking for myself in life, resolutely looking to the future, that simply amazed. Or maybe it’s because since birth, she struggles just to live and not be in a wheelchair? Fighting for the opportunity that each of us natural: confident and free to go.

Looking at all the achievements eve Fedorenko, hardly anyone can imagine that she… the disabled child, the last “seven circles of a hell on earth”.

The birth was artificial. Pregnant women at this time were five, and the medical staff failed to pay attention to all at once. The child is “helped”. As a result, the diagnosis of fracture of the clavicle, the impulse of the respiratory tract and bleeding in the brain, which became known in the Department of pathology of newborns after the test. Doctors gave a disappointing Outlook.

But a month later, with God’s help the child was on the mend. And the severity of the disease and its consequences passed. But it turned out that it was not all the trials that befell a little girl.

Parents began to notice that eve in his almost 2 years not long to go and almost not running, although children her age are very active. Thought it was strange.

Neurologist diagnosed “attention deficit” (hyperactivity) and meliorate peroneal nerves (pinching the nerve endings, which do not give proper nutrition muscle mass, so muscles don’t grow).

Experts of regional children’s hospital delivered its verdict: even if the girl didn’t operate, then twelve years she would sit in a wheelchair.

Several times the operation was postponed for various reasons. In December 2011, the eve of surgery. The child got a disability status.

In February 2012 the girl underwent another operation. All this time the legs were in casts. When in August they were removed, the parents were shocked: “crocodile skin” and deep bleeding cracks. For a long time applied a thick layer of cream to the skin does not burst.

In rehab Eva re-taught to walk, the girl went through a lot of restorative procedures. In a year marked with positive results. The case went to the amendment. A year later, when it seemed that all the fears are gone, and the child stood on his feet, the unbelievable happened…

Leg eve got caught in the Bicycle spokes, leather has been “cut to the meat”, a compound fracture. And rehabilitation of… started again. All the efforts and the improvements that have emerged after the operation, went nowhere. Muscles weakened.

The next step was the Kharkov Institute of pathology of spine and joints them. M. I. Sitenko. To get a consultation with leading experts was extremely difficult, the record for several months. How and why has opened “the doors” God knows, parents say.

After clarify the situation, the doctor on reception, sent eve an x-ray to understand the problem. Called for a consultation of the Professor, and he gave the order for immediate hospitalization in the children’s Department. After eve, the attending doctor called her “girl-mystery” (and still calls), because the outward signs did not correspond to the internal causes of disease. The doctors decided to observe eve. The operation was scheduled for 2018. Then, in 2016, the surgical intervention was not possible, because the child grows and if performed, it would have to “intervene” every 2 years. Recommended ballroom dancing… and anything else to build muscle and keep the strength of the tendons, fixing the joint. With this and returned home.

From the first days of life Eva struggled with their illnesses. There was a time, when morning began with unbearable pain in his legs and the baby just slid off the bed on his knees. At least an hour needed in order to disperse (this was before the girl became involved in the sport). Now eve vyderzhivaet sometimes 2-3 workouts a day.

She is actively involved in the sports acrobatics Melitopol school №1. dancing in the children’s choreographic Studio, visit the circus Studio. Until recently, and more engaged in group rhythmic gymnastics. Without any problems able to do the splits, has good plasticity and stretch.

And it is not complex, being disabled. Not complain, do not cry, do not give up. In the gallery of achievements resistant girly only for a year and a half of sports – the Cup for the taken second place in competitions on jumps on an acrobatic path (Kharkov), 4 medals and 7 diplomas.

In the summer of 2017 after the consultation, her doctor said, “I don’t know what you’re doing what you’re doing, I’m not very interesting. The results that I see, I really like. Planned for 2018 operation postponed”.

And yet… eve continues to work hard at sports and dancing. Bright paints of cats and rabbits. Mom calls her “Ebasic” and firmly believes that her little girl was born to their achievements and victories testify to others how great and merciful Lord!

The material used in the article Helen Chuyko.

В Мелитополе живет девочка-загадка

В Мелитополе живет девочка-загадка

В Мелитополе живет девочка-загадка

В Мелитополе живет девочка-загадка

В Мелитополе живет девочка-загадка