In Melitopol throughout the city organize melons markets. Address

В Мелитополе по всему городу организуют бахчевые рынки. Адреса

At the next meeting of the Executive Committee of the Melitopol will be approved by the address list of a dislocation of the melon markets. They will work from 6 August to 20 September.

To buy melons and watermelons can be close to home, as markets can be arranged in residential areas of the city.

So, to work melons and terms of trade are at such addresses:

St. Belyakova (final bus stop);

Vakulenchuka str., 73;

Vakulenchuka str., 78;

Levanevskogo str., 57A;

Avenue B. Khmelnitsky, 55 (along the house on-house


prosp 50-letiya Pobedy, 17/1 (the area in front of the store “Products”);

prosp 50-letiya Pobedy, 24;

prosp 50-letiya Pobedy, 36/1 (a Parking space between houses

No. 36 / 1 and 36 / 2);

prosp 50-letiya Pobedy, 38;

prosp 50-letiya Pobedy, 51;

grizodubovoy str., 66;

St. Peter Doroshenko (the area between the cafe “Trali-Vali” and the house on

St. Yaroslav the Wise, 6);

St. Yaroslav the Wise, 15;

St. Gagarin, 7A (the area of “Scorpion” and store “House

furniture “);

building Intercultural, 141B;

building Intercultural, 414 (near the shop)

Entrepreneurs trading on such markets is forbidden to sell goods from the ground and use unproven scales. You can trade only in the tents and in the presence of special equipment for food storage.

The staff of the national police have the duty to stop the unauthorized trade, and the sellers need to clean your retail space or enter into contracts for cleaning from KP or KP Purity of Zhilmassiv, OOO “Acqui-Bud” depending on the locations of bocenago market. To monitor the implementation of the rules of improvement owe a special Department in the Executive Committee of the same name.