In Melitopol to make an appointment to see the doctor, the woman called the reception more than a hundred times

В Мелитополе, чтобы записаться к врачу, женщина позвонила в регистратуру больше ста раз

To dial into the registry of “green” clinic is unrealistic is saying melitopoltsy for hours trying to get in touch with the doctors. The mother of one of the young patients yesterday made more than a hundred (!) calls, but record the child to a specialist and could not.

According to love, Konoplyanka, her son needs to undergo examination by specialists before applying to the school for admission to the first class. With the “check-up” mom decided not to delay and has already started to execute the documents.

– We live in the neighborhood of the shop “the goods for the house”. Our pediatrician (and we patients clinic on the street Kazarceva) gave us a referral to narrow specialists and gave a mobile number on which you can pre-book an appointment. Last week, within 10 minutes I was able to dial into the registry of “green” clinic and make an appointment with a cardiologist and surgeon. Now wanted to go to the optometrist, but it turned out to be unrealistic. Just think: with 12 hours of the day, I continuously, at intervals of 2-20 minutes, call the front Desk, but no one takes up! More precisely, it is impossible to phone: the network is busy, “the caller speaks to someone” then the phone is out of range. The impression that people are specifically turned off the phone not to work. Three hours of constant dialing I called a hundred times but never got through. My indignation is no limit! And despite the fact that I have to carry the child to receive all through the town! – outraged the mother of the future first-grader.

A complaint Lubov A. we passed the head of the Melitopol Department of health. The chief physician of the city promised to investigate the situation.