In Melitopol went back a dangerous disease

В Мелитополь вернулась опасная болезнь

After several weeks of calm, the doctors again recorded in Melitopol cases of measles. Last week, the symptoms of a dangerous disease was discovered at two of the city’s residents.

It should be noted that the level of incidence of measles in the Melitopol district was one of the most high and by the number of cases yielded only to the regional center.

It is noteworthy that attacks a dangerous disease most adults. Of the 864 cases, only 228 are children, 2 of them toddlers under the age of 4 years.

The prevalence rate was 50.2 per 100 000. Cases was almost all administrative areas except Rozovsky and Chernihiv regions. The maximum number of cases observed in urban area (Zaporozhye – 379; Melitopol – 157; m. Energodar – 54; M. Berdyansk – 44). In the districts maximum values registered in Melitopol, Zaporizhia, In-Belozersky, Volnjansky areas.


Measles is an infectious disease and one of the main reasons of mortality of children at an early age, if you count the whole world is Measles. Newsletter of the who. Causes measles virus from the family paramyxoviridae.

The first symptoms appear 10-12 days after infection. The disease begins with high fever, cold and cough, watery eyes. On the inner side of the cheeks are formed gray-white spots.

A few days in patients with rash appears as red-brown spots. It begins on the face and on the head, then gradually descends below.

The symptoms are kept 7-10 days, then pass.

Because the measles virus, it’s not responding to antibiotics. And specific treatment of measles does not exist. So we’ll have to endure until the body itself can not cope with the disease.

The maximum that you can do to support the person to give it sufficient nutrition, keep hydrated, and hope that will not happen complications.

What complications are the reason why measles are deadly.

Measles develops encephalitis and brain swelling, otitis, pneumonia, inflamed mucous membranes of the eyes and intestines. Sometimes the consequences remain blindness and a weakened immune system.