In Melitopol with the child’s parents, the police expelled from the Park, but a dog can

В Мелитополе родителей с ребенком полиция выдворила из лесопарка, а с собачкой можно

From 6 April according to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers walks in squares, parks, forest parks is prohibited. Staff Necopoli together with inspectors of the Department of public works of the Executive Committee at the weekend, began to carry out preventive conversation with melitopoltsy decided to rest in forest Park. The absurdity of the new rules of life some surprises.

The story we were told one of the residents of Melitopol. While the whole day within the four walls of the apartment, a woman with a husband and child decided to leave the city in the Park to get some fresh air. No kebabs and no Lunches to make wasn’t going. Just wanted four children breathed fresh air. But there it was. Tourists saw the controllers and began to convince that the country has been quarantined and walk in forest Park during this period is prohibited. The next man was walking the dog. To the question: “So, a dog to walk, a child to breathe fresh air is not necessary?”, the police explained that to walk the dog, indeed, is not prohibited.

After another Chinese warnings of police the family moved from forest Park home. The reader is in any case not against quarantine, and understands the importance of the measures taken, but sometimes these measures reach senility.