In Melitopol women are invited for screening tests

В Мелитополе женщин приглашают на профосмотры

City program “Improvement of diagnostics and prevention of malignant neoplasms among women and the male population m. Melitopol” was launched on 2 may 2019 For the period just viewed 2178 women.

The bulk of women surveyed are women older than 40 years (56%), many of them had not visited a doctor for a long period of time (from 2 to 32 years).

For 8 months of work of the Cabinet discovered 553 women with the presence of gynecological diseases (25%), of which 334 (60.2 per cent) identified?? pathology, which can be regarded as background, or so-called precancerous.

Precancerous is a group of diseases that contribute to the emergence and development of malignancies. Some of them are fairly well to treatment, but there are those that carry a large amount of trouble. To precancerous include: erosion and cervical polyps, benign tumours of the ovaries and uterus are benign tumors of the mammary glands, mastitis.

Precancerous diseases of the cervix – 120 – 22%.

Cervical erosion – 121 – 22%.

Cervical polyps – 17 – 3%.

Uterine fibroids – 56 – 10%.

Ovarian cysts – 20 – 4%.

However, not every precancerous disease becomes cancer. Remember, quality diagnosis and appropriate treatment, will distract the threat. Because timely treatment is an effective prevention of cancer.

Through this program, women of our city have the opportunity to receive a full pelvic examination with colposcopy, PAP smears for atypical cells and flora, the breast examination.

This year continues the FREE examination of women under the program “Improvement of diagnostics and prevention of malignant neoplasms among women and the male population m. Melitopol”. From the city budget allocated UAH 111 thousand. to provide cancer preventive examinations of women under this program.

For passing the professional examination must apply to the Advisory-diagnostic Department of the CND “of Melitopol city maternity hospital” MMR ZO (gynecological body on the street Koziarska, 37, 3 floor, office № 8) Phone registries: 098-02-07-050, 5-03 -11.

Office ecopromotion works from 8-00 to 17-00.