In Mexico city discovered the ruins of the Aztecs

В Мехико обнаружили руины дворца ацтеков

In the center of Mexico city found ruins of the Palace of the Aztecs.

It is noted that the workers who conducted the reconstruction of constitución in the Mexican capital, found the floor is made of basalt.

Scientists believe that this floor was a fragment of the open part of the Palace of Axayacatl.

After the fall of the Aztec Empire in this place lived the Spanish Conquistador hernán cortés, the scientists were able to find evidence of his stay.

It is believed that the Palace and other buildings of the Aztecs were destroyed by the conquistadors, and the materials that remained in his place, was reused.

Axayacatl rules from 1469 to 1481, he was the father of Montezuma – one of the last rulers of the Aztec Empire.