In Mexico seek killers in costumes Mariachi

В Мексике ищут убийц в костюмах мариачи

REUTERS/Gustavo Graf

Guns instead of guitars and maracas. Unidentified criminals dressed in the costumes of street musicians Mariachi, staged a massacre in the main tourist district of Mexico city.

At least five people were killed and another eight injured. As told by eyewitnesses, the attackers arrived on motorcycles to the Plaza Garibaldi in Mexico and opened fire on people were present there.

After that, the criminals fled the scene. In the area launched a large-scale operation to search for criminals. The police do not exclude that we are talking about settling accounts between rival drug cartels. However, what purpose was elected by the tourism district of Mexico, is not yet clear.

“I was the first time I see this. Especially here in this part of town, where a lot of tourists,” – said Jose, a musician Mariachi.

Garibaldi square is one of the main attractions of the capital of Mexico and has always attracted a lot of couples who come here to listen to the serenades performed by a Mariachi.

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