In Minot strongly against the supply of water in the occupied Crimea

В МинТОТ категорически против поставок воды в оккупированный Крым

Requests the occupying “authorities” of the Crimea Peninsula skip on the water of the Dnieper is an attempt to “justify” to the Kremlin for the failed tourist and agricultural season.

Therefore, Ukraine in any case should not yield to manipulations and restore the water supply in Crimea, said on air ObozTV first Deputy Minister on the issues of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons, Mr. Yusuf Kurkchi.

“In any case we can’t restore the water supply in Crimea”, – said the Deputy Minister.

He reminded about the law of legal regime on the temporarily occupied territories. “Any body or service these regions are unrecognized. And any applications, appeals – no need to comment” – called Kurkchi.

According to officials, the statement “water blockade” of the Crimea can be an attempt of the so-called “chapters” annexed the Peninsula Sergey Aksenov “safe” before the Central authorities of the Russian Federation.

Kurkchi has not excluded that in this way Aksenov and his associates want to shift to Ukraine, the blame for the poor harvest and the failure of the tourist season.

In addition, Kurkchi reminded about “compensation” for a poor crop.

“In the beginning of 2014 the amount of irrigated land in the Crimea were about 370 thousand hectares. According to our monitoring, in early 2017, this number was reduced to 17 thousand. What about 100 thousands (hectares of land. – Ed.) now, says Feldman – unknown…. There is a program that supposedly gives some compensation to the manufacturer of agricultural products, if he sowed, and the harvest failed…. And if you have 17 thousand of irrigated lands, why you’re pushing 100? To get any additional compensation?” – asked the representative of Minot.

“Water sources to provide the civil population with high quality drinking water in the Crimea is enough. A certain amount of water needed by the agriculture and chemical industry in the North of the Crimea”, – he said.

While Kurkchi noticed that about 25% of the population of the occupied Crimea (almost every fourth) today do not have access to safe drinking water through the fault of “the authorities.”

“Although a lot of money is allocated for the Federal target program: water treatment, water mains, wells, etc. But this problem not solved. In all the resort places from Kerch to Yalta a restricted water supply, when water is supplied several hours a day,” – said the official.

“All this is the responsibility of the occupier. And even in the Geneva conventions says that if a country is occupying some territory, it has almost all of the humanitarian Affairs take over”, he concluded.