In Moldova, said the attempted coup

В Молдове заявили о попытке государственного переворота

The Chairman of the Democratic party of Moldova Vlad plahotniuc believes the event on Saturday, June 8, in Chisinau the events of the attempted coup and usurpation of state power.

He stated this during the briefing in Chisinau, informs correspondent of “Gluposti” in Moldova.

“What I did today President Igor Dodon and the deputies from the Party of socialists and the political bloc “ACUM” is a coup d’etat. The actions of Igor Dodon and his colleagues from the Party of socialists represent a desperate attempt to usurp power in the country”, – said plahotniuc.

According to him, the Democratic party will do everything possible to avoid deepening the political crisis, providing an opportunity for public institutions to operate in the normal mode.

Plakhotnyuk also said that Moldova “is no longer a legal President as he has betrayed the national interests, speaking before the federalization of Moldova and receiving money from Russia to Finance their party.”

As reported, on Saturday, June 8, in the Parliament of Moldova announced the creation of a temporary coalition, composed of deputies from fractions of Party of socialists and the political bloc “ACUM” (the agreement was signed by 60 members). In total, the Moldovan Parliament – 101 members.

In the session of Parliament was attended by representatives of the Democratic party, the party of “shore” and three independent candidates. Democrats said that the meeting of Parliament, according to the decision of the constitutional court, is illegitimate.

At the meeting, was elected speaker of Parliament – Chairman of the party of socialists Zinaida Greceanii, and approved a new government headed by Maia Sandu.

The deputies of the coalition also adopted a Declaration on recognition of Moldova “captured state”, was released from office by the head of Service of information and security and head of the National centre for the fight against corruption.

A few hours earlier the constitutional court of Moldova issued a verdict declared unconstitutional all steps taken by the current Parliament on June 8 and beyond, decisions, judgments and legislation. The court has already returned a verdict on the unconstitutionality of the election of Zinaida Grecianii to the speaker, and Maia Sandu Prime Minister.