In Moscow a protest because of the changes to the Constitution Putin: photo & video

В Москве протестуют из-за изменений Путина в Конституцию: фото и видео

Single protests over changes to the Russian Constitution proposed by President Vladimir Putin, held in Moscow. Militiamen detained activists.

Pickets took place on 18 January near the building of administration of the Russian President in Moscow, according to “MBH media”.

The action was organized by municipal Deputy Ilya Azar. Russian politician explained that “Putin “made a constitutional coup”.

Police arrested the shares of the two Pro-Kremlin activists tore the posters of the participants.

Municipal Deputy Julia Galiamina urged all opponents of the changes, Putin agreed to join the March in memory of lawyer Stanislav Markelov and journalist Anastasia Baburova. She is scheduled in Moscow on January 19.

Local authorities have warned that “uncoordinated slogans” will be regarded as an offence.

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said the government’s resignation. Before that, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the proposal to change the Constitution. Therefore, its decision Medvedev considers correct. The new Prime Minister of Russia will be Mikhail Mishustin.

That is going to change in the Russian Constitution, Putin?

Proposed by the Russian President change is the most ambitious political reforms in the history of Russia after the approval of the Constitution in 1993. Putin wants:

  • To change the appointment procedure of the government. The Prime Minister and his deputies and the Ministers shall be approved by the Parliament;
  • New way to appoint the heads of security agencies. The President will appoint them after consultation with the Council of the Federation;
  • To reallocate the powers between the branches of government, to empower the Council of State and allow her to dismiss judges of the Supreme and constitutional courts.
  • Change the clause prohibiting the same person to hold the office of President more than 2 consecutive terms;
  • The candidate before balloting will be forced to live in Russia for 25 years (until now the age limit is 10 years);
  • The President may not have foreign citizenship or residence permit (even in the past).

Experts believe that thus the current head of the Kremlin want to help yourself in gaining control over power in the country after the completion of his presidential term. In 2024 he can’t run for President of Russia. Now the Constitution prohibits to hold office more than two consecutive terms.