In Moscow called the fastest and the slowest roads

В Москве назвали самую быструю и самую медленную дороги

Thanks to the intelligent transport system of the city, the Moscow authorities have identified the busiest road month

In Moscow in April of this year, the slowest was driving the Shchelkovo highway. About it reports the Center of traffic organization (COD). According to him, the average speed of vehicles on this road was 22 km per hour. The Ministry said that such data was obtained through the use of intelligent transport systems in the city. As the cause of congestion experts call the narrowing of the road after the ring road from five lanes to two.

As for the fast road, she became Kutuzov Avenue. Average speed on this highway is 41 miles per hour. Curiously, in February, Analytics firm INRIX released its annual ranking of cities with the busiest roads in the world. By the end of 2018, Moscow topped the list, ahead of overall Turkish Istanbul, Bogota, Colombian, Mexican, Mexico city and Sao Paulo.