In Moscow for the first time since April at least 1000 infected with the coronavirus in a day

В Москве впервые с апреля менее 1000 инфицированных коронавирусом за день

In Russia in recent days has revealed 7728 infected with coronavirus infection – slightly less than the previous day. These are the official data of the operational headquarters. Died at day 109 people, recognized recovered a little over 5 thousand. The number of “active cases” – those who are now receiving treatment – thus, increased after several days of losses. This, however, is typical for a weekend, in which less frequently is patients.

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For the first time since April, in Moscow in days revealed less than a thousand infected with coronavirus – 968. At the peak of the epidemic, about half of all infected in Russia were detected in Moscow, now the figure dropped to 15 percent and in absolute numbers more than 5 times. In other regions of Russia, respectively, the number of new detected cases decreases slightly or even increases.

Quarantine measures in Russia began to weaken on may 11 – just in the day it was revealed the most new cases of infection. In Moscow the so-called isolation was terminated on 9 June. Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin promised further deregulation – the end of the month should make the interior of the restaurants, fitness centers and pools.

Mode isolation, which operated in Moscow since the end of March, has been canceled as of 9 June. Then allowed to open hairdressing salons, beauty salons, photo studios, veterinary clinics. From June 16, resumed the work of the summer verandas of restaurants and cafes. Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that the situation in the city “significantly improved”. While the media wrote that Moscow began to withdraw prematurely on the insistence of the Kremlin – before the vote on the amendments to the Constitution, which begins June 25.