In Moscow has sharply increased the number of accidents involving cyclists

В Москве резко выросло число аварий с велосипедистами

According to the capital of TMS, compared to the spring of 2018, the number of accidents involving cyclists has increased by half. Grows and the number of injuries they riders of scooters of various types. The office reminded of the need to get off the Bicycle or scooter when crossing the roadway.

“Most of these accidents are not included in official statistics. The situation is actually much worse”, – the expert believes traffic safety Natalia Agra. According to its experts, the solution could be in-depth study of road traffic Rules at schools. Now this issue is not enough time. As an example we can take the experience of Western countries. There, from kindergarten, explain how to behave on the road.

Meanwhile, according to experts, the greatest danger is the electric vehicle. Some species are capable of speeds up to 60 km/h. At the same time, according to the SDA, they must walk on the sidewalks. However, the juxtaposition of suffering pedestrians.

Earlier in the Moscow city Duma took the initiative to oblige the owners of Segways to get a driver’s license. Deputies believe that portable electric vehicle must be equated with motor vehicles, as well as give owners certain rights and responsibilities.