In Moscow is expected sharp drop in atmospheric pressure

В Москве ожидается резкое падение атмосферного давления

In Moscow in the coming days will plummet atmospheric pressure. Experts warn that this weather change can adversely affect human health.

The pressure drop in a heavenly atmosphere over Moscow is expected in the coming days. On Friday, June 28, meteorologists predict record decline – according to them, could beat the last recorded record low pressure 63-year-old. The arguments of the experts ‘ portal has published “Meteonovosti”.

“On July 27, the atmospheric pressure will fall to 14 units and the result will be 738 mm Hg. The next day the pressure will reach 730 millimeters. This will be the minimum atmospheric pressure for the whole of June,” – said meteorologists.

However, closer to the weekend along with the movement of the cyclone the atmospheric pressure will begin to grow again. At the end of June it’s back to normal.

Experts warn that due to pressure fluctuations in the atmosphere worsening health, and dangerous days, according to them, will be correct to limit physical activity, try not to overwork and rest more.

When the drop in pressure in the atmosphere to poor health are particularly prone to patients with heart disease – they can appear weakness, heart pain, shortness of breath, arrhythmia. Some of the drop in pressure may experience swelling, dizziness, numbness in the extremities. If the background of the weather changes in humans, reduced blood pressure, it must restore the water-salt metabolism in the body, drinking more liquid, water or sweet tea. In the case of the increased pressure should take appropriate medications.