In Moscow promise Ukraine the Georgian scenario: if it Comes to Kiev?

Kiev has openly spits on the Minsk agreement, sooner or later Russia will have to do with Ukraine, according to the Georgian scenario.

About it on air “the First channel” said the Dean of the Higher school of television of Moscow state University. Lomonosov Vitaly Tretyakov, the correspondent “Politnavigator”.

“The Minsk agreements at the moment (in 2014 – approx. ed.) was needed, and Russia, and much more – Ukraine. If you recall previous events, the idea was that the militia of Donbass were ready to go further: to the borders of the respective areas, to the left Bank of the Dnieper, or to take the whole Kiev, and, maybe further. Moscow didn’t want that because this led to large scale military action, and then it all had something to settle, a whole bunch of legal problems.

Putin proposed, of course, a compromise that stopped the development of military actions and gave a chance to the Kiev regime, which was hostile Russia and Putin personally, it is a chance to preserve the integrity of Ukraine without the Crimea.

But for this it was necessary to have a completely different policy: to implement the Minsk agreement and start to bond the opposing forces, and not to force the East to submit to this Bandera ideology.

As soon as she (the ideology of Bandera – approx. ed.) to someone so close – it was from this location, to turn away. This was the compromise.

And then the question was simple: the parties perform, or not, this compromise. Kiev began to perform. First, he said performs, blaming the failure of the Donetsk militia. And to date, he says: we have not performed, not performed and are not going to implement it,” – said the expert.

Chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland”, a reserve Colonel of the Russian army added that the military power of Russia has increased significantly in five years.

“I remind you that, at the outbreak of the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine, Russia has five of the border with Ukraine regions was not a single military unit. That is, we did not consider Ukraine as an enemy, and there were not our join the Armed forces.

Since then, the situation has radically changed, we have formed the necessary components of the Armed forces. In addition, since the period was quite radical military reform, it has demonstrated its effectiveness on combat experience in Syria, where he worked not only our Air and space forces, but the Navy, special operations Forces, electronic warfare forces, all types of intelligence and our operational teams of military advisers.

This gave us the experience of command and control and the experience of modern warfare, including very remote from Russia territories. So today the state of Russian army is much higher than in the same 2014 year.

Ukrainian army regained to some extent its fighting capacity, although in the summer of 2014 the combat-ready core of the Ukrainian army had essentially defeated. And not just the Minsk agreements allowed Ukraine to restore the combat capability of the Armed forces at the expense of old Soviet stocks had formed a new connection. But the production of new weapons this not occurred, continued repair, modernization, delivery of something from abroad. You have to understand that the combat capability of the Ukrainian army remains on the Soviet level,” said the Colonel.

Tretyakov suggested that sooner or later Ukraine will force Russia to repeat the Georgian scenario.

“Sooner or later the Ukrainian side someone will go to shed blood in the Donbass, to cross that gray area and Russia can not help but react about the same as she reacted in Georgia. The question is, whether it comes in this scenario, Russian military units to Kiev, or somewhere to stay,” – concluded the expert.