In Moscow, the rape victim escaped from the villains in his socks

В Москве жертва изнасилования убежала от мерзавцев в одних носках

In the South of Moscow, two criminals were injured during the arrest after attempting to obtain weapons of police.

According to the newspaper, the police summoned 47-year-old woman who said that she was raped by four criminals in the apartment. Militiamen stopped the violent acts against women, men located in the apartment, he resisted them.

One of the officers opened fire. Two suspects were injured and hospitalized, and two delivered to the investigator.

“MK” became known the details of this case. The incident occurred in the apartment building with the street. There are four natives of Kazakhstan and a woman from Ukraine. On 18 July to visit them came a 47-year-old native of Kyrgyzstan with a friend. The company made a vigorous feast, drinking of alcoholic beverages, in which the fighting companion of the Kirghiz left the room, and the woman left. Later she was raped by two companions.

When he returned home a native of the Ukraine, the victim managed to escape from rapists and some socks and a jacket and rushed outside, where he asked the first person to call the police.

Arrived at the scene the police after hearing a woman broke into the apartment through the window, as the door refused to open. Rapists caught in the kitchen. Both refused to comply with the legal requirements of a custody order, and one of them tried to grab a COP’s gun, but in the struggle was shot twice in the lower back.