In Moscow, the Ukrainian came to the festival and were very sorry about it, “moved on the sidewalk”

В Москве украинец пришел на фестиваль и очень пожалел об этом: "перемещался по тротуару"

The guy got under the hand of the security forces during marches in support of Ivan Golunova

In the Russian capital detained a citizen of Ukraine – Vladimir Nizova. This was written by the correspondent of “Novaya Gazeta” on his page in “Facebook” Ilya Azar.

“In the Golovinsky police told him that they will not release the Protocol, and leave for the night, because the citizen of Ukraine”, – said hazard.

It is noted that guy did not participate in support of journalist Ivan Golunova. As it turned out, the Bottom came to the festival “Times and epochs”, devoted to knightly tournaments. He was detained near the monument to the poet Vladimir Vysotsky.

Law enforcement officers wrote to the Ukrainian Protocol for participating in an unsanctioned meeting. In the Tverskoy district court held a hearing on the matter.

It is known that the detainee enrolled in graduate Higher school of Economics.

We will remind, on June 6 in Moscow detained the journalist of the edition “Meduza” Ivan Golunova. According to police, a representative of the media found the drugs, which he allegedly was going to sell

However Golunov rejected such accusations. The journalist insists the drugs were planted on him. 2 days later he was charged with the production, distribution and supply of narcotic drugs. Also on 8 June Nikulinskiy district court put journalists under house arrest for 2 months.

The situation caused a public outcry, because there was no evidence against Golunova. As a result, 11 June, the production closed.

June 12, in Moscow have passed actions in support of the journalist of “Medusa”. The participants were dressed in t-shirts with inscriptions “Freedom Golunova” and distributed leaflets with the names of the detained activists, who was also charged on the sale of drugs.

Some people came with posters in support of the Crimean Tatars and Ukrainian sailors and Oleksandr Kolchenko and Oleg Sentsov.

The protest March was unauthorized, so the authorities took drastic measures. The participants of the event were detained, and this is 549 people. Most of these detainees were soon released, but in the offices there are four. Except for Vladimir Nizova detained an innocent woman – Mary Rovinsky that during the March sitting on the fountain in the garden “Hermitage”.

It is noteworthy that under the distribution were official – Georgi Mironov. The latter says that he was walking with a girl in a restaurant when he was suddenly detained.

В Москве украинец пришел на фестиваль и очень пожалел об этом: "перемещался по тротуару"

В Москве украинец пришел на фестиваль и очень пожалел об этом: "перемещался по тротуару"