In New bug the police drew up a report on the citizen who posted the candidate for people’s deputies without output

В Новом Буге полиция составила протокол на гражданина, разместившего рекламу кандидата в нардепы без выходных данных

June 19, in the Novobugsky police Department received a report that in the district on several billboards placed printed materials of election campaign of one of candidates in people’s deputies of Ukraine with violations.

This was informed in the Department of communication of the police of the Nikolaev area.

Both billboards did not contain information about the institution which carried out the printing, circulation, and information on persons responsible for the release of the product and its customer.

The identity of the man who placed the ads with violations, law enforcement authorities established and built on it the administrative report under article 212-13 of the Cao “the Manufacture or distribution of printed campaigning materials not containing information about the institution which carried out the printing, their circulation, information on persons responsible for release”.

Article sanction provides penalty imposing on citizens from three to five non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens and on officials – from twenty to thirty non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens.

Police urge citizens in case of violations of the electoral legislation of Ukraine to report on the specialline 102.