In Nikolaev in the green paint poured over the political-Poroshenko

В Николаеве зеленкой облили агитпалатку Порошенко

In Nikolaev unknown poured paint the campaign tent of the electoral headquarters of one of the presidential candidates. The offenders fled, they were looking for the patrol and investigative team, the press service of the regional police.

The incident occurred at about 11:45 Sunday, March 10, at Ingulsky area of the city. Two young men in black clothes came to the tent near the stop of public transport “Fleet” on Kosmonavtov street.

“Expressing dissatisfaction with the activities of the candidate, they poured green paint the tent,” he described the incident to the police.

Judging by published by the press service of the police photographs, hit a tent of the electoral headquarters of Petro Poroshenko.

The police also reported that as of March 10, the Nikolaev militiamen received 108 reports of possible violations of electoral legislation: the bribery of voters, placement of political campaign without output, etc. 74 the messages was not confirmed.