In Nikolaev rescuers “put out” the fire in a huge shopping center

В Николаеве спасатели «тушили» пожар в огромном торговом центре

Nikolaev firefighters and administration of the shopping center LLC “Epicenter K” No. 2 worked actions in the event of a fire.

Today, November 7, employees of the Nikolaev city garrison operational-rescue service of civil protection worked for the action in the event of a fire occurring on the territory of trade center LLC “Epicenter K” No. 2 on hersonskoye highway.

Fire hazard at the facility is a large quantity of flammable goods (varnishes, paints, solvents), products of rubber, plastic, paper, combustible materials in a warehouse, wood and cardboard packaging; industrial products (household appliances, textiles).

According to a tactical plan, resulting in a short circuit of an electrical wiring in the room was on fire, created the threat of distribution of a flame on nearby premises and the shopping hall automatic fire protection system has not worked.

According to the instructions the unit was informed about the fire emergency number “101”, conducted the evacuation of people and staff from the building of the shopping center and began to extinguish the primary fire extinguishing means.

The location of the simulated fire on the third number the call was sent to fire brigades and other emergency services of the city. On arrival the units of gas and smoke protective service evacuated people who remain cut off from ways of evacuation: 2 people were on the roof, three in the administrative building. The victims transferred to the ambulance. In the future of operational deployment, extinguish the fire and protect the adjacent premises of the administrative floor, 1st and 2nd floors of the shopping hall. Using fire hydraulic car lift filed gun carriage to protect the roof. On a place rescuers organized operational headquarters.

All training involved 8 vehicles, 22 personnel of gschs, the crews of the patrol police and ambulance. In General, the participants of the training with the tasks handled on an assessment “well”.

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