In Nikolaev will restore the plaque to the victims of political repression

В Николаеве восстановят доску жертвам политических репрессий

In Nikolaev at the entrance to the old city cemetery will install a new memorial plaque to the victims of political repression, many of whom in this cemetery are buried.

The relevant draft decision was supported by the members of the Executive Committee on Friday, July 12.

As explained by the head of Department of protection of a cultural heritage Irina Bondarenko, the decision to install such signs by the initiative group of nikolayevets was made in 1994, it was installed by a public organization in 2010, but in 2015 it was destroyed by the vandals.

Although the balance of the city this sign was transferred, after consultation with the Nikolaev public men, it was decided to restore it at the expense of the city budget. The names on the plate this time to indicate not, because the victims are many and not all of them are known.

Eight thousand of the victims of political repression, and were boards with names of three hundred. And at the suggestion of the group that is engaged in the rehabilitation and studies the issue of political repression on the territory of the Nikolaev area, they said that while it is inappropriate to write these names, because not all the people we know their fate, when and where he died. Which was suggested to be a generalized Board, and the decision was supported by specialists and management of culture of regional state administration, – Bondarenko told.

In accordance with the decision taken by the members of the Executive Committee, the plaque will contain the following text: “thousands of inhabitants of nikolayevshchina without guilt was sent to the 20-40-ies of XX century in prison camps and special settlements of the Gulag. Not all returned home alive. The burial of the innocent victims of the Bolshevik regime there are in this cemetery”.

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