In nikolayevshchina checked the points of the geodetic network of Ukraine – the most devastated

На Николаевщине проверили пункты геодезической сети Украины - большинство разорены

In the past 2018 land surveyors of nikolayevshchina carried out a survey of the physical condition of the points of the State geodetic network of Ukraine, 3rd class.

The examination of points of a geodetic network were carried out by specialists Gosgeokadastra in the districts with the involvement of representatives of the subjects of geodetic activities. The results of this work, the maps and photographs of the surveyed points.

According to Scientific research Institute of geodesy and cartography on the territory of Nikolaev region is located 321 the point of the State geodesic network class 3, of which surveyed 100%. The results of the survey found a satisfactory state of 39.56% of the points of the geodetic network (127 points total).

In five districts of the region preserved in a satisfactory condition was more than 70% of the points of class 3.

So, in the Novobugsky region of the Nikolaev area it is registered 17 points, 3 class, 100% of which was retained in a satisfactory condition.

In the Kazankovsky area of 77.3% of the registered 22 points are in a satisfactory condition.

In Pervomaisk the region of area was found 17 items, of which 13 (76,44%) are in a satisfactory condition, 3 – destroyed, 1 – broke.

In the new Odessa area when examined in the satisfactory condition found 18 items of are 24, or 75%. The rest broke.

In the Arbuzinsky region of the 14 points of the geodetic network of the 3rd class in good condition is 10 points (71,4%).

Most survey stations were damaged or destroyed. So, in the Vradiyevsky and Krivoozersky regions of the Nikolaev area of the 8 points of the network 100% of items in poor condition (3 points ruined, and the rest destroyed or not found). Damage to items occurs in connection with the failure of protected areas, the expansion of roads, plowing machinery, mining etc.

Overall, the results of the survey revealed that the 23,98% of the points of the State geodetic network of the 3rd class not found special equipment (34 points), to 1.87% – damaged (6 points), 1.55% points network it is impossible to examine in connection with difficult accessibility (5 points).

For 2019, the Main control Derzeitiger in the Nikolaev area will carry out further examination of geodetic points of the State geodetic network of Ukraine 1-3 class that requires instrumental wanted in connection with the acquisition of dual-frequency GPS receivers.


State geodetic network (SGN) is a set of geodetic points with known coordinates and heights, evenly spaced throughout the country and fixed on the ground by dedicated centres that ensures their safety and stability in plan and height for a long time. These points are uniformly located on the territory of Ukraine and determined in the unified coordinate system.

Geodetic point – device and (or) structure to indicate location of ground points with known coordinates and heights.