In Nikopol found dead mother and son

В Никополе найдены мертвыми мать и сын

27 January in Nikopol in the house on the street Malinovskogo one of the apartments were found the bodies of men and women. According to the degree of kinship of the dead had each other’s closest relatives – mother and son.

Neighbors described the woman only positive – hardworking, not quarrelsome. But the son of a pensioner neighbours say reluctantly. They have had to watch as the woman sat for hours in the stairwell due to the fact that her son was beaten.

Concerned about the fact that the mother and son for a long time no one has seen, the residents decided to call the police.Once in the apartment, law enforcement officers found his mother’s corpse in one room, a dead son was found in the kitchen.The cause of death of relatives will be installed after the autopsy, the report says.

В Никополе найдены мертвыми мать и сын