In Odessa, a gang of blackmailed gay

В Одессе банда шантажировала геев

Seaside court is considering the case of extortion, blackmail based on homosexual people. Relevant information is contained in court register.

According to the materials of the case, to extortion suspect four people. Their victims they were looking for on a Dating site designed to find homosexual relations. The account belonged to their friend, who was not averse to go on a date. About the intentions of their “friends”, however, he did not know.

Having found a victim, the attackers began to implement his plan. They “caught” acquaintance and the victim, and then one of them said he was a police officer. When the victim asked to see his identification, his face was sprayed with pepper spray and then struck several blows. Then began to demand money, but the victim was not. Then a man wrapped in a blanket and threw it off the balcony. Fortunately, the action took place on the second floor, and the victim was still alive. He received injuries of moderate severity with which were taken to the hospital.

The alleged organizer of the “event” was put into custody. He is suspected of extortion, coupled with violence, and intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm. If convicted, he could receive up to 10 years in prison. Data about other suspects in the registry.

According to the materials: