In Odessa are working with young beggars

В Одессе проводят работу с малолетними попрошайками

July 23, 2019 in the Odessa city hall held a meeting of the coordination Council on family policy, gender equality, demographic development, prevention domestic violence and counteraction trafficking. The meeting was chaired by the Deputy mayor of Odessa Svetlana Bedrega.

It was noted that the service for children of Odessa city Council in collaboration with the National police, employees of the centre of social services for family, children and youth have ongoing work for timely prevention, prevention and response to cases of vagrancy and begging among children. With this purpose, organized weekly preventive raids to identify this category of children in places of their greatest concentration as railway stations, markets, beaches, downtown.

The raids involved representatives of public organizations of the Youth Council at the Odessa mayor, and also employees of Department of municipal security during the conduct of these preventive measures at the beach.

So, for the first half of 2019 was 124 conducted preventive RAID in which identified 38 children involved in begging. Given the tendency to increase the facts of child begging in the summer, in June and the first half of July was carried out 47 raids and identified 21 children of the specified category.

Also during June first half of July was observed the facts of the begging women of the Roma nationality with young children. The results of the work according to the facts, 7 children were taken to the municipal health care and social orientation.

For inadequate performance of parental responsibilities parents of children involved in begging were brought to administrative responsibility.

Odessa is one of the leaders in Ukraine on ensuring of implementation of state family policy and gender policy, support families, ensure equal rights between women and men overcoming domestic violence and trafficking, – said the Deputy mayor Svetlana Bedrega.