In Odessa began to raise the sunken last year, the tanker (VIDEO)

В Одессе начали поднимать затонувший в прошлом году танкер (ВИДЕО)

Today, July 18, in Odessa began the operation to lift the tanker Delfi, which sank in the fall of 2019. It needs to be put on the keel and the towed to the beach.

It is reported that the lifting of the tanker began this morning. It will try to align with the help of ropes and tugs, bringing the angle of inclination of the court to 45 degrees to put on the keel.

It is also reported that holidaymakers were asked to leave the beach area is cordoned off by police and National guard soldiers.

Earlier, the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Vladislav Crickley said that work to raise the wreck on the Odessa coast tanker Delfi must be completed before 20 July, subject to good weather and lack of waves.

Note from the tanker continued to leak fuel, resulting in a sea of recorded excess concentration of harmful substances.