In Odessa, escaped from the zoo hamadryas caused quite a stir (video)

В Одессе сбежавшие из зоопарка гамадрилы устроили переполох (видео)

On Friday, July 24, from Odessa zoo escaped three frilled baboon (Hamadryad), reports “Duma”. Eyewitnesses said that they saw monkeys on the territory of tram depot and even the “Privoz”.

The zoo confirmed the incident. Due to the precarious situation of the zoo is temporarily closed to visitors.

Older males Hamadryad can be dangerous to humans. When I found out where the baboons and realized that the “bare hands”, don’t take it, applied a tranquilizer. However, once it entered the animal the antidote.

“The runaways” I feel quite normal and are now at a veterinary office. Later will be transferred to their usual places.

The Director of a zoo Igor Belyakov commented on the incident:

Escaped alpha male named Zhorik, as well as another male and a female – they are younger, although all of them already more than ten years. It was necessary to involve not only all our employees but also employees of gschs and the police. The operation to track down and capture lasted more than two hours.

It is reported that the escape of the guilty an employee of the zoo who feed the animals and didn’t close the door.