In Odessa found contaminated water near the sunken tanker

В Одессе обнаружили загрязнения воды вблизи затонувшего танкера

The city through the court will require the owner to remove the ship

The acting head of the State ecological inspection in Odessa region Artem Zayarny announced the discovery of the pollution of air and water near the sunken tanker Delfi. Pre-permitted environmental indicators exceeded 15 times.

During the operational meeting, which took place on may 21 near the sunken ship, zayarniy said that pollution was recorded on the night by members of the municipal rescue service.

Municipal environmental laboratory also arrived at the scene and took samples of water. As of now the pollution on the water removed using absorbent powder.

“The easiest ship to saw and to localize, but we are categorically against. Because such actions will lead to spills of oil to spills of petroleum products and worsen the situation. We can convince the owner to convince the Administration of sea ports of Ukraine to the ship removed to the territory of the port or a tap, or a tug”, he explained.

In addition, the Deputy of city Council Alexander Ivanitsky told reporters that the city will be in court to require the owner to remove the sunken tanker off the beach.

As you know, 22 Nov 2019 due to a storm, the tanker Delfi was torn from its anchors and drifted into the waters of Odessa. Overlooking one of the beaches in the tanker overturned on its side and sank. From the tanker evacuated three members of the crew that refused salvation.