In Odessa police along with rescue teams catching escaped zoo monkeys: video

В Одессе полиция вместе со спасателями ловила сбежавших из зоопарка обезьян: видео

July 24 from Odessa zoo escaped three frilled baboon (Hamadryad). About it reports the edition “Duma”, referring to the institution Director Igor Belyakov.

It is noted that the escape of the apes the fault of the employee of the zoo, which fed the animals and loosely closed the door.

So, the two managed to catch at the zoo. However the third was able to run out on the territory of tram depot.

It is noted that the search and capture of fugitives involved were the police and rescuers. And in the evening on the same day, all the monkeys are caught.

“To catch the used tranquilizer. Animals were immediately introduced the antidote, and they feel good. Now hamadryas are in the veterinary Department“, – is told in the message.

Earlier “Judicial and legal newspaper” reported that in Kiev I noticed a man who walked with manual leopard on a leash.