In Odessa the administration of “7 km” argues that the market is not one person with confirmed coronavirus

В Одессе администрация "7 километра" утверждает, что на рынке не работает ни одного человека с подтвержденным коронавирусом

With the start of the pandemic and subsequent quarantine, the market administration of “7 km” from the core of the regional service had received three requests about people with a confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus, which indicated that they had something to do with the market. None of the three requests are not confirmed work on its territory people with a confirmed diagnosis.

Data provided by the sanitary – epidemiological service “wholesale trade”.

The market was to confirm who they are working for a company and submit information about their contact persons.

As a result of the inspections, it was found that in two of the three cases of cases, reported that work on “7 kilometer”, you do not have to market in any way. They are neither workers nor entrepreneurs nor tenants, nor the implementers, nor the movers.

“One indicated that works in the warehouse that confirms that it may not work in the market, as the inventory database exist solely for the “7 kilometer” and not have to Promrynka no relationship – either legally or geographically,” – says the administration of the market.

In the third person the request was received, as he was the contact person diseased female. The person in identifying infection in asymptomatic stricken wife, immediately, in may have isolated themselves. Of necessity of control of its isolation and was a request.

Thus, once again, please note that none of the three requests are not confirmed presence in the market and work on its territory people with a confirmed diagnosis.

From February 2020 in the Manufactured goods market “7 kilometer”, a special staff, which ensures safe operation of the market in the new environment. On the market put a mask mode and there is a daily information and preventive work with employers on compliance with the rules in quarantine.

Every day in the market in addition to compulsory sanitation is the disinfection of public places, hallways, restrooms, administrative buildings which take visitors.