In Odessa the car

В Одесі автомобіль

On Friday, September 14, in Odessa police detained a man who drove a car into the fence of the kindergarten. The incident occurred due to the fact that the man was running from police, who chased him for beating her husband.

This was reported by press service of the police of Odessa.

According to militiamen, in the morning a man for a long time I left the car at an undisclosed location. This car was towed to restplace.

Find out where his car, a man came to the garage with a stick and beat the guard. Then the driver got into his car, rammed him the gates of the establishment and left in an unknown direction. The guard about the incident reported to the police.

Running away from the police, the offender, being already in the Kiev district of Odessa, drove into the fence of the educational institution, which at the time were children at the facility. In the incident no one was injured,
– noted in police.

В Одесі автомобіль
The car flew into the fence of the kindergarten

The chase car of the patrol police was damaged. On a scene worked it is investigatory-operative group. The question on qualification of actions of the malefactor.

В Одесі автомобіль
Damaged in the chase car police

Watch the video from Odessa, where the police detained the man, who flew a car into the fence of the kindergarten:


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