In Odessa there appeared billboards with Kiva and his words of excitement when killing enemies. The party Kiva consider it a provocation

В Одессе появились билборды с Кивой и его словами об азарте при убийстве врагов. В партии Кивы считают это провокацией

June 21, in Odessa there were billboards with the symbols of the party “Opposition platform For life”, which depicts on its list in the parliamentary elections Ilya Kiva. On billboards – quotes: “What did you feel when killing enemies? I’ll be honest – the excitement” and “if I had my way, I have shot a bus in Donetsk – Kiev and Kiev – Donetsk”.

It is noted that the observer network wrote a statement to police in which he indicated that the billboards “contains signs of incitement and hatred” and no output.

“Gromadsky”, the press service of Kiva stated that not privy to the advent of advertising.

“Kiva is irrelevant to these bordam, they are installed without your knowledge or permission. We are now looking for who did it and why,” – said the representative of the policy.

The press service of the MP from the Opposition bloc Mykola Skoryk has written in Facebook that the billboards with the symbols of the party – are illegal and a provocation and a smear opponents.

According to representatives of Skoryk, such billboards in Odessa, there were more than 200.

“Obviously, criminals are the political opponents, whose aim is the humiliation, the distortion of the views and perceptions of voters about political parties in General and her staff in particular, as well as manipulative impact on the consciousness of citizens of Ukraine. Otherwise explain such provocations on the threshold of the upcoming extraordinary elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is impossible”, -quotes the people’s Deputy’s press service.

That he killed the enemy, feeling the excitement, Kiva said in February in the broadcast program author founder of the publication “GORDON” Dmitry Gordon.

About the shooting of “travelers, “DNR”, lovers of referendums and parade of Ukrainian prisoners of war” Kiva wrote in Facebook in 2015, says Novoe Vremya. He asked block the movement of buses of the Sheriff-tour from Kiev to Donetsk and back.

7 Jun 2019 Kiva stepped down as head of the Socialist party of Ukraine and joined the political party, “the Opposition platform For life”. According to “the Country”, he will stand for the Verkhovna Rada according to the list of this party.