In Omsk, in the course of the accident killed the driver of the scooter

В Омске в ходе ДТП погиб водитель скутера

The first incident happened in Krasnoyarsk tract about 11:50. Near the house №2/1 57-year-old man on a scooter crashed into a truck running 43-year-old driver. The cause of the collision is not called the first driver a safe distance on the road.

Unfortunately, the motorcyclist received is not compatible with life injuries and died at the scene before arrival of doctors.

Another incident was recorded at about 12:50 at the intersection of partisan and Lenin. Here faced at once three cars: the LADA Largus, the Toyota Camry and Subaru Impreza. According to preliminary data, the accident caused 32-the summer driver “Subaru”.

The impact of the domestic passenger car carried on the sidewalk. Pedestrians were not injured, but 52-year-old avtovladelets clamped in salon of the car it was removed, the rescue team. With severe injuries she was admitted to the hospital. Upon road accident an inspection is carried out.

В Омске в ходе ДТП погиб водитель скутера