In one of the largest cities of Canada swam a humpback whale

В один из крупнейших городов Канады заплыл горбатый кит

One of the world’s largest animal, the humpback whale this weekend to pay a visit to the centre of the canadian of Montreal.

According to the canadian public broadcaster CBC News, the animal for the second day is the St. Lawrence river, which flows through the city center.

According to local experts, the humpback whale, which under natural conditions lives 500 km East of Montreal, for the first time swims so far against the current of the river.

Humpback whales live in sea water, however, some time may exist in fresh.

Environmentalists are closely watching the animals and hope that it as soon as possible back to their natural habitat.

Environmental regulations of Canada, approach a humpback whale closer than 100 meters, is punishable by a large fine. This creates problems for navigation of transport of the busiest section of the St. Lawrence river, near Montreal, which is markedly narrower than closer to the ocean.

Look at China, who every few minutes, dives deeper, showing his mighty tail, or releases waves of water when you exhale, close to the old port of Montreal there were a lot of locals.

Note that adult humpback whales can reach up to 15 meters in length and weigh up to 30 tons.