“In order to bring yourself!”: Nyusha decided to “escape” from motherhood to a job

«В порядок себя приведи!»: Нюша решила «сбежать» от материнства в работу

Exhausted, the singer posted a photo from the Studio, announcing his return to show business, but instead support ran into criticism and misunderstanding.

Popular singer Nyusha at the beginning of November for the first time became a mother. In the elite clinic in Miami the actress gave birth to her husband Igor Sivova beautiful daughter, who was the third child for men. A few months the couple continued to live at the resort, where the singer not only was recovering after giving birth, but learned to be a mom. However, as previously admitted the artist herself, her life is work. From childhood she was accustomed to a lot of work, little rest, and dedicate to music all the free time, and not surprisingly, it was hard to get used to a new lifestyle and commitments. It is worth noting that initially, the singer courageously coped with all the cares Anna like a good mommy a few months devoted to his baby and care for it, but the more it was not enough.

Today Nyusha decided to please its subscribers with unexpected news: “Meanwhile, I already in Moscow. And the work goes on”, – she wrote in her Instagram, accompanied post a photo in the Studio. However, fans did not react as waited for the singer, because the views of most followers of the singer can be summed up in one tip: “In order to bring yourself!” Followers believe that Anna is too early to return to the stage, because judging by her appearance – she’s not ready for triumph. “Don’t look well”, “Changed are you pregnant”, “Slim fast”, – concluded the users of the network.

The fact that immediately upon arrival in Moscow, the singer went into the Studio is somewhat surprising: it seems that Nyusha decided to “escape” from the tedious maternity at work. Apparently, another young mom could not stand his new role, and does not intend to devote himself to the child.

It is not known exactly who the artist decided to entrust the care of their little daughter, but caring fans are strongly advised the singer not to neglect the child, and to devote himself to the little girl, because she has achieved a great deal, has built a successful career, and could easily take a long pause without prejudice to future action.

«В порядок себя приведи!»: Нюша решила «сбежать» от материнства в работу

«В порядок себя приведи!»: Нюша решила «сбежать» от материнства в работу