In Paris started to clear lead from the area around Notre Dame

В Париже начали очищать от свинца территорию вокруг Нотр-Даме

In the French capital launched an operation to clear the area around the Notre Dame Cathedral from lead pollution

The cleaning of the lead touches an area of 10 thousand square meters, including the streets of the Cité. It is located on the same island. It is also the Cathedral.

Quarter around Notre Dame, the police cordoned off the day before. Around the perimeter of the erected special barriers. Street the Sieve is closed at the time for the passage of vehicles and pedestrians. Also closed a bridge near the Cathedral.

Land clearing will be carried out using special high-pressure apparatus.

It is expected that the work will last until August 23. Paris metro station near Notre Dame at the present time will be covered, the number of buses will change the route.

The contamination with lead has occurred during a fire in April of this year, as in the bearing structure of the Cathedral and its spire contained the metal. Recall, April 15, in Paris lit up the Eiffel tower.