“In Parliament, a lot of coronavirus. But not all are recognized”. As sick and treated the Ukrainian people’s deputies

"В Раде много коронавирусных. Но не все признаются". Как заболели и лечились украинские нардепы

Survivors coronavirus MPs are gradually returning to work in the Parliament. Infection with coronavirus was officially confirmed eight deputies, said the people’s Deputy from “Servants of the people” Alexander Kachura. According to him, this is Vitaliy Board, Igor Kiselev and Alexander Lukashev from opsi, “servants of the people” Vladimir Vatras and Ruslan Gorbenko Sergey Shakhov from the group “Trust” and independent MPs Serhiy Rudyk and Anna Walker. While Gorbenko and Shakhov is already cured.

But patients in the Parliament much more, said Sergei Shakhov, who became the first “crowned” (as he calls himself in jest) by MP.

“Just a panicked, you see that the sick are treated like lepers, and the coronavirus is perceived as the Chupacabra. That’s why only we got the statistics,” – said the Deputy.

“Country” is parsed as sick and as treated for the coronavirus elected officials.

“Basic medicines is plaquenil and Sumamed”

Sergey Shakhov says that his illness began with the increase in temperature. Was symptoms of SARS.

“When the temperature reached 39 degrees, there was pain in my bones, in the joints, headache, eyes. I called the ambulance from “Dobrobuta”, I did a test on the flu, the result was negative. The test for the coronavirus had not yet been done. On the second day again called the doctors to check my lungs insisted that they took analysis to the coronavirus. The result was not a few days. And as you remember, that I have the coronavirus, I learned how and everything, from the news,” says Shahi.

Only after 3 days of MP were hospitalized at Alexandrovsky hospital where another test conducted by the PCR showed a positive result.

“The main medication that I needed, it Plaquenil and Sumamed. Wife bought Plaquenil, in my opinion, 1252 of the hryvnia. I took it 5 days on 2 tablets. And twice additional package of medication for 3 thousand hryvnias, there were antibiotics, some came, some not. No one from me not required, there was no payment for treatment, for chamber I did not pay. I insisted that I was given the recipes and I could be the one to buy. Because for me it’s not fabulous money, but they are fabulous for other people, and you never know, maybe someone will need medication and they’re not enough or not in the hospital. PCR tests are done for free. The doctors said that I have a medium severity of the disease, so there is nothing to connect it was not necessary. I have brought my kettle to the house, know that someone of my colleagues brought his microwave. All the other conditions I have were good. Very grateful to doctors and nurses, all of them are professionals, their work must be valued much higher than now,” says “Country” shahs.

In the Alexander hospital, he spent 8 days, after three negative PCR tests, he was discharged.

Recovered from the coronavirus spouse and policy. According to him, she was sick literally 2 days, and her symptoms were as a conventional SARS. The Deputy also admitted that he had surveyed the whole family to the coronavirus. And just before his conversation with “Country” negative test has come for the daughter of the Deputy, a 15-year-old Sofia.

Now Sergey Shakhov wants to help scientists to investigate the disease. The fact that the blood plasma of survivors coronavirus, contains antibodies needed for the body to fight disease.

“I already offered up my blood to the scientists, suggested that their plasma – do the meds, do the antibody tests. I want to help make sure that the coronavirus is not scary, it is treatable, and need not fear this disease, and at the first symptoms is to go to the doctors, because the main thing in this situation – the time to diagnosis and prescribe treatment,” – said the Deputy.

Monday, April 6, the house is a colleague of Yadav in the Parliament Ruslan Gorbenko (fraction “servant of the people”). He also was treated at the Alexander hospital. Your treatment plan the MP described in detail on his page in the social network.

“Treated: Plaquenil 10 days 2 pills a day, Azizan 1 pill a day along with 3 capsules a day, loratadine 1 pill at night. Meronem antibiotic 3 times a day intravenously, inhalation Laferobion, the temperature down with paracetamol. Advice from the patient’s experience: only the beginning of the symptoms, immediately contact your doctor! Do not self-medicate,” wrote Gorbenko.

According to him, despite the fact that the Protocol of treatment for coronavirus is only approved on 2 APR, 21 Mar, when he was in the hospital, doctors have acted professionally.

Vatras tells about $ 100 a day

But a member of the “servant of the People” Vladimir Vatras, the diagnosis of which was confirmed on March 28, still finishes the cure pneumonia. He was hospitalized in the infectious diseases hospital of Khmelnytskyi, which is the base for the treatment of coronavirus in the area, the Deputy told the telegram channel, “PavlovskyNEWS”.

According to the Deputy, the first 4 days of illness passed without any symptoms. And when I was in the hospital, the acute phase of illness he had in the first two days – then I had to use an oxygen mask and drugs Plaquenil and Sumamed.

“Roughly on the 5th day the temperature rose to 37.5. After that, she disappeared, and again 3 days was normal. With the number of the 23rd – 24th condition began to deteriorate, the temperature was kept for 2 days before admission, began choking,” he shared details of the disease Vatras. The first test was negative. Then Vladimir has passed the PCR test and it showed positive result. None of the people contacted Vladimir in the period when he could be infected, signs of disease are detected.

To pay for treatment, the Deputy had after leaving intensive care.

Before the hospital provided their medicines. Then, according to him, treatment for pneumonia can cost on average about$ 100 per day and take up to 10 days.

From Skorokhod relapse, and her month old son in the hospital

Recurrence of coronavirus was found to have non-faction MP Anna Skorokhod. 17 Feb 30-year-old MP had a baby, and a month later fell ill with middle East respiratory syndrome. About your positive test, she said in telegrams-channel, detailing how he passed the examination.

“*Day 1.* Temperature was 38 in the evening, body aches, very sore head. Grounds just for this could be found in another, but decided to get tested because I am something, but for child care. Went to the clinic. There infectious(!!!) the Department met me at the disposable masks and medical robes. We watched, listened said it’s not. Asked to do the test, refused, citing the fact that the tests only if 100% of the symptoms, sent for a possible cause to the surgeon, the specialist is very knowledgeable, checked everything, including blood, and still advised to do a test. But other doctors the decision was not supported and the test did not spend.

*Day 2.* Temperature, body aches, headache, and a new attack felt bad smells. Decided to achieve the test.

Learned in what labs do. Called them, said that they can not pass, carry them directly to the analysis call an ambulance, they’ll take a swab.

Call an ambulance(tell the symptoms and causes of anxiety), accept the challenge, they say to expect a team. Call – brigade will not, it is not the competence of the ambulance. On the question of what to do – call the doctor ( I never was). The clinic was not working. Contact the family doctor I had. I called again, explaining the situation that a small child – not their competence. Use it, as all believe, a cherished phrase – I MP, they say call back home to change.

Call back(tell the symptoms and causes of anxiety again), all the same, then 15 minutes of swearing and I suggest you go to the infection Department in White Church, I say, PCR tests are they doing?, – no, only Express, but that’s all we can.

After some thought and consulting with familiar doctors, decided to go to Alexandria hospital and has to take a test. Here the crust is affected ( advantage, not hide it), made the rapid tests for influenza and Covid 19, negative. But immediately warned that the rapid test is not accurate and the result shows 5-10 day symptoms. Requested PCR, but the decision on its implementation is taken each morning at the meeting of the doctors ( the meeting test????). Also learned that PCR takes private clinic Dobrobut when you call the ambulance. What I actually did. Moreover, the test itself is free, pay for the call and protective suits of the paramedics.

The result:

To pass the test, it took me 2 days, the crust of the MP (and what about those who do not? by the way, still ashamed) and RS 4100 per call Dobrobuta, but what about those who don’t? And you from all sides tell us that Ukraine is ready to Coronavirus?

All good and strong health!”, wrote runner on March 28.

And on Saturday, April 4, she was taken to the hospital along with the baby, who also contracted the coronavirus. In addition, she resumed the symptoms and re-test confirmed Covid-19.

“I have again today the temperature rose all over again, as it was from the beginning. Treated. Antibiotics. Thank God, the child’s condition is stable,” – said Anna Skorokhod.

“Re-test positive, although I feel fine, but positive not only for me but also the Baby. He’s feeling bad, eating by ambulance to the infectious Department. Since Saturday night are with the child in the infectious disease hospital, so, unfortunately, at risk from babies to the elderly. The worst thing is when kids get sick. Take care of yourself and them even more!” the MP added.

In addition, testing positive for coronavirus was the husband of Anna Walker, but his only symptoms were a dry cough.

Meanwhile, MPs, who is already infected with a coronavirus, ready to return to work in Parliament. As reported by “the Country,” Sergei Shakhov, he is ready to go to the meetings of Parliament, and according to him, the same position another two colleagues – Sergei Noble and Alexander Lukasheva, whose last tests for coronavirus were negative.