In Parliament have vowed to save the whiskey from the prohibition

В Раде пообещали спасти виски от запрета

The parliamentary Committee on taxation and customs policy promise to fix the bug where more than a thousand types of imported whiskey was threatened with a ban.

July 1 come into force amendments to the Tax code of Ukraine from the so-called “budget package-2019”. In respect of excise duties on alcohol, in particular, we are talking about the definition of “whiskey”. The law recognized that “whiskey is an alcoholic beverage, a strength of 35 to 45 percent volume units with a characteristic aroma, made according to the technology of cognac aged in oak barrels charred on the inside (tanks with charred oak staves) grain distillate”.

This definition is contrary to international law – EU regulations, according to which in Europe only set the minimum limit of alcohol concentration in a volume percentage of 40% – with no upper limit. Also there’s no word on cognac technology, because whiskey is made by distillation of the wort.

The parliamentary Committee argued that it is only a “technical error”.

International Association of whisky recommends that you specify the maximum strength of the drink – 70%.

Last year, Ukraine imported nearly 70 million litres of whisky with alcohol content of more than 45%, worth over 170 million.

Changes to the legislation was needed to in accordance with the EU norms champagne became “sparkling wine” and “brandy” “brandy”. In accordance with the free trade agreement, Ukraine has 10 years to change the name of the mentioned drinks.

As for “whiskey”, then, according to the Director of the Institute for socio-economic transformation of Elijah Nashumevshego, in contrast to the “cognac” and “champagne”, the use of this name in the Ukraine do not forbid. We are talking only about the production of this drink exclusively at the internationally recognized recipe.

“Still active in the Ukraine released under his name products that did not conform to the classic recipe of this drink. Now the question is settled. And it will agree, is not only important for the international image of our country but for the security and protection of the interests of domestic consumers,” – says Neshodovskyy.

Informed to correct the error with the whiskey urged business representatives.

В Раде пообещали спасти виски от запрета