In pitchers, fish and cherries: 5 unusual recipes for borscht

У глечиках, рибний і з вишнями: 5 незвичних рецептів борщу

More than a thousand liters of soup cooked the mistress of the 24 villages under Borschev, the newspaper “Express”. Festival “Borschiv” is held for the eleventh time. In the Central square of the city, each village puts up his tent and covers a wide table. To serve soup dumplings, dumplings, ears, stuffed cabbage, ingredients…

Two identical borscht on occasion impossible to find. Everyone has their own taste. We have collected the most interesting recipes.

Roasting gives zest

“We first boil the meat. Next, give potatoes, cabbage, then beets. And finally, make zazharku — shares the secrets mistress > Geletkanycz from the village of Ivane-Puste. — For this Cramo onion, carrot three. Add sour cream, tomato paste or tomatoes. And after that, suet and crushed with garlic and ground pepper. The taste of this soup very spicy”.

No pots

In Burdach cooking soup is a long process. “The first day simmer all the ingredients, — says Galina Thrush. — No pots! In clay pots in a kiln for several hours thrilled beets, carrots, onion, potatoes, cabbage, meat — pork and veal in half. And in the morning of all these ingredients, cook the soup. Sour cream do not give.” And cherry will be useful

In the village of Nyvra cook soup with cherries. He has a rather unusual taste with a pleasant acidity.

“Cook the Soup on the meat, — says Maria Laba. — And finally add cherries. They are specially harvested is preserved in its own juice, but without sugar”.

Fish? Perfect!

“In our region hundreds of censuses of this dish, says sporgenti festival Gregory Gocco. — That my mom cooks wonderful soup with fish. We have this is a required dish on Christmas eve. Fresh fish the day before V alimo in the furnace, resting on the hay. And then cut, fill with water and boil her soup. Fish become soft and very tender.”

More little secrets

“Before you cook soup, ribs carefully fry in the pan, — says the hostess of the village of Hermakivka Alexander Peregnoem. — The indispensable condition — to cook on small fire!”

Not every woman manages red borsch. The secret knows a resident of Zhylyntsi. “The beets are roasted with labor and spread — says Olga danyluk. — Add it to the end, then add sour cream. It turns out very beautiful color.”

“I put sugar in the soup, as taught by Mamma,’ said Mary Dumic from Borschev. — Then it’s nice and red.”

Julia TOMCHYSHYNPhoto by the author

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