In Poland fell from the roof and died Ukrainian migrant workers: what is known

У Польщі впав з даху і розбився на смерть український заробітчанин: що відомо

The man from the received traumas has died on the spot

In Western Poland in the town of szamotuły today fell from the roof and killed the Ukrainian Builder.

As informs the Polish Radio, the citizen of Ukraine, who worked on the construction of a supermarket in Szamotuły (greater Poland Voivodeship) fell off the roof and died at the scene.

The circumstances of the tragic accident, explores the Polish police, prosecutors and labor inspection. “We received the message below in connection with the case of the building, to ensure the landing of the helicopter. It turned out that 52-year-old man, citizen of Ukraine, after the fall from the roof, died on the spot,” said Evelyn Grabow with the County police station in Szamotuły.

As reported 5.UA in Turkey died brutally beaten by Russian Ukrainian tourists.